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Listen: How to do theory of change

on 19 April 2022

James Noble sits down with Sam Davies, host of the Charity Chat podcast, to talk theory of change.

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Theory of change in ten steps

On 30 June 2022, 2:00 pm3:30 pm
at Zoom

A theory of change process encourages us to reflect on our aims and plans, to discuss them with others and to make them explicit. We see this process as the foundation of charity strategy, evaluation and communication.


Theories of change for campaigning

on 24 June 2021

Traditional approaches to theory of change can be difficult to apply to campaigning, this guide explores how to overcome the challenges that campaigning situations pose and how to develop a theory of change for campaigning.

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Theory of change: Kooth for adults

on 22 February 2021

How do adults use online counselling and well-being services? This theory of change, developed collaboratively by Kooth Plc and NPC, provides the foundation for an evaluation of a user’s journey through Kooth's adult services.

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How to do situation analysis when everything is changing

By and Rachel Tait
on 9 February 2021 , 7 minute read

You need to know where you are now before mapping out where you’d like to get to. But how do you do this when everything is changing?

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What a theory of change can offer environmental organisations

By and Liz Gadd
on 3 December 2020 , 4 minute read

These are tough times for communities and the charities supporting them, and climate change won’t make them any easier. Whether you are addressing social issues, environmental issues, or both, a theory of change can help you to make impact driven choices that support both people and the planet.

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How to adapt your strategy approach for times of change

By and Liz Gadd
on 14 May 2020 , 6 minute read

Covid-19 means charities must develop adaptive strategies, but how can we do this well?

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Understanding Impact

on 12 February 2020

How to turn your theory of change into a plan for measurement, the five types of data you will need to pay attention to, and how to prioritise what to measure.


Four tips to write a good Theory of Change

on 11 December 2019

Every charity or funder needs a theory of change, but it's not always a simple thing to come up with. Here Margery Infield, NPC Consultant, shares some lessons from a recent Theory of Change training event.

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Theory of change in ten steps

on 9 October 2019

This new guide is a ten step handbook to creating a theory of change, built on many years of developing them for charities and funders. It will teach you the basics, our core approach, with the information you need to do any theory of change.

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How to do a basic theory of change

By and James Noble
on 9 October 2019

James Noble introduces NPC's new thinking on theory of change.

NPC Ignites conference pack

NPC Ignites: People, Impact, Purpose

on 2 April 2019

What can you expect from our annual conference NPC Ignites 2019?