Katie Boswell

Katie works within NPC’s research and consulting team as Associate Director (Strategy & Leadership). She works with a range of charities and funders to improve their strategies and maximise their impact. Since joining NPC in 2015, she has worked with clients including RNLI, Scope, Stroke Association, Versus Arthritis, London Funders, Power to Change and Friends Provident Foundation.

Katie is passionate about the potential for greater user involvement, systems change and place-based approaches in the social sector. In 2018, she worked with Lankelly Chase Foundation to gather practical insights on systems change, which were shared in Thinking big: How to use theory of change for systems change. She also co-authored NPC’s framework for Place and our updated Strategy for impact guidance.

Katie’s work covers a range of causes—and she regularly works with charities and funders who are joining the dots between different issues. In 2017, she led NPC’s work with The Health Foundation on how non-health charities address the social determinants of health. In 2018, she co-authored NPC’s guide to Tackling the homelessness crisis: Why and how you should fund systemically.

Before joining NPC Katie gained ten years’ experience in grant-making, research and consultancy. At One World Children’s Fund she managed a programme that partnered with community-based organisations in over twenty countries. She has worked and studied in the UK, USA and India. In 2013, she completed a Masters in Development Management, during which she specialised in institutional development, social research methods, education, and human rights.

As a result of her work, Katie has received several honours and awards, including an RSA Fellowship for her community research work, and the title of Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum for work promoting children’s rights. Katie is a Trustee of the Finance Innovation Lab, which aims to transform the financial system so that it works for people and planet. She has also served as Programme Chair for the Northern California Grants Managers Network and as an Elected Executive member of the London Civic Forum.

You can find Katie on Twitter.

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