Should you hitch your wagon to well-being?

The idea of well-being has come to the fore in recent years, and for a while to understand its potential uses in the social sector and beyond.

On 14 September 2015, at a conference about relationships and well-being held by Relate, NPC’s CEO Dan Corry spoke on the topic. He looked at how thinking about well-being has developed, and whether or not it can help boost the importance of relationships within public policy. He scrutinised the potential of well-being, asking such questions as:

  • What are the dangers of focusing too heavily on well-being?
  • Can we really improve well-being?
  • Will well-being ever determine policy?

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NPC has worked with Relate in the past, to support their ‘The Best Medicine’ work, which aims to understand and promote the impact of good relationships and well-being on our overall health. The report, The Best Medicine? The importance of relationships for health and well-being is available for download here.