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Pushing the UK’s giving onwards and upwards

The latest Sunday Times Giving list suggests that giving by the UK’s wealthiest philanthropists is at record levels. And yet the UK currently ranks 8th in the world for charitable giving, behind countries such as the US and Australia. Sarah Denselow looks at how we can push British philanthropy forwards.

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Campaigning coalitions: How to unlock effective activism

Campaigning has gained a new lease of life recently. But today’s challenges are too complex for any one organisation to tackle alone. Nick Martlew of Crisis Action argues why working in a coalition is a powerful way to campaign, and explains how to make collective action a success.

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How can you tell if your campaign is shifting the dial?

Now we have another general election around the corner, many charities will be gearing up to get their causes up the policy agenda. But in such a complex and ever-changing environment—where attitudes and the policy agenda are affected by a million different factors—how can campaigners know if their efforts are having an impact?

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