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5 ways data can improve your grant-making

There are over 10,000 charitable foundations in the UK, and between them they generate a vast amount of data. But this data has not traditionally been seen as a resource in the same way that money has been. At NPC, we think this is a missed opportunity. Here are five simple ways that data can improve your grant-making.

Data, data everywhere

The increasing concern about how the public’s data can and should be used is often difficult to balance with the potential benefits. Taking our Data Labs project as an example, Katie Boswell argues that, while we have a duty to ensure it is used responsibly, concerns about privacy shouldn’t put us off data altogether.

The public’s changing expectations of charities

Public reaction to the Libor fund scandal—and to other charity exposés that have hit the headlines recently—reflect the fact that expectations of charities are higher than ever. Here we outline four trends that are shaping public perceptions of what it is to be a good charity.

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