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Gotta catch it all! What data can do for funders

The tussle over Pokémon Go’s privacy settings is just one of the many signs that data is becoming ever more important. At NPC we’ve been thinking about how the charity sector can best make use of data. But what does this look like for funders and philanthropists? Shona Curvers explores.

Putting people first, not problems

An asset-based approach is all about focusing on people’s strengths, rather than solely on the problems they are facing. Patrick Murray argues that such an approach could help charities have a greater impact. Drawing on direct experience, he shares insights into how charities can make it work for their service users.

Integrating gender into your evaluation

Gender inequality impacts all aspects of work and life, so it is increasingly being viewed as a cross cutting issue in charitable and development work. Shubh Sharma of India-based foundation Dasra talks through how they apply a gender lens to their programme evaluation.

The joy and pain of using data

While we know that data could help charities do better, many face real obstacles along the way. But there is help out there. Hear from one project that is trying to better understand charities’ needs to help more organisations use data for good.

More changes in the criminal justice sector

Criminal justice is an area of focus for NPC as charities play an important role in this sector. We know there have many changes over the last five years, especially with the Transforming Rehabilitation programme which we have regularly commented on. To get an inside view on the latest announcements we asked Anne Fox, CEO of criminal justice charity Clinks, to share her thoughts and reflections.

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