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Collaborating for a cause

There are 800,000 disabled children in the UK. They face many difficult issues, which have been amplified by recent cuts to services. Yet disability in young people is not getting the attention it deserves among philanthropists. Reflecting on our new report, Katie Boswell explains how more coordinated input from philanthropists could make a real difference to disabled children and their families.

With great power comes great responsibility

It’s no secret that a power imbalance exists between grant-makers and their grantees. So it’s important that funders are aware of how this imbalance could negatively affect the social impact they are trying to achieve. Oliver Carrington outlines three key things funders should consider to help them harness this power in a more effective way.

When two become one: Mergers—an insider’s view

Charity mergers are often viewed as a last resort at the brink of closure, rather than as a smart strategic move made from a position of strength. Having experienced a merger first-hand, Oliver Carrington highlights the positive side of the process, arguing that there should be more of them happening in the voluntary sector.

Challenging the rules, changing the game

The charity sector urgently needs leaders to challenge the traditional practices and assumptions of funders and investors. Here we spotlight one pioneering thinker who is doing just that: Clara Miller President of the US-based Heron Foundation.

A new political year brings a new chance for charities

The UK’s political terrain is much changed as politicians headed back to Parliament last week. But a new government offers charities a fresh opportunity to make the case for the important role they play in society. Patrick Murray explores further, with a look at what we’ve said on the sector’s behalf in a recent government consultation.

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