Weeknote w/c 2nd August 2021

By Rose Anderson 6 August 2021 2 minute read

What we did

  • We’ve created a first draft of the analysis framework, and we’ve started to input our findings from market testing interviews into it. We’ll continue to tweak the framework if it will help us to better capture our findings.
  • We’ve been speaking to lots of organisations about our learning to date and the future of our app. On Thursday 5th, we spoke to the Youth Fund Learning Network about sharing our learning with over 120+ youth organisations. We’re also exploring how existing technology could support our app. If you have some technology that might help, please do get in touch!

What we’re thinking about

Once the analysis is completed, we need to decide how to share our learning with other charities in the easiest and most useful format. We’re looking for simple, short and very practical ways of doing this, rather than a big report. To help us decide what to do, we’ve started having a look at how other organisations have shared their product designs and insights online, noting the pros and cons of each method.

How would YOU like us to share our ideas? If you have any suggestions, or you’ve found a good example you want us to see, please leave a comment below or email rose.anderson@thinknpc.org


We still need to arrange a few more user testing interviews with young people, especially young people in Lambeth, to ensure we’ve gathered a big enough sample for analysis to be worthwhile. The more views we hear, the better we’ll understand how to improve the app. If you work with young people aged 15-18 and know anyone who would be interested in taking part, please read this blog post for more information and email emma.barlow@ukyouth.org

Wins from this week

  • Some more user testing interviews are already being booked in for next week!