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Highlights from the Lambeth Youth Council Meeting

By Rose Anderson 27 May 2021 3 minute read

On 20th May 2021, we ran a Zoom meeting with a large group of young people from across many of Lambeth’s groups, such as the Lambeth Youth Council and the Lambeth Young Advisors programme. Some had already seen the app, whereas others were new to the project.

We wanted their input on three key areas:

  • the updated app
  • the new features they hoped to see
  • our new logo.

We invited them to use Mentimeter to give their feedback.

What is the app like now?

As you can see from the word cloud below, lots of young people thought the app was “engaging”. They also called it “useful” and said they liked the colour scheme. When we asked the new young people (who hadn’t seen the app before) to say what they thought the app was all about without us telling them, they described it as a “digital activity board”, an app where you can see different opportunities for young people happening in Lambeth.

A wordcloud of the words young people would use to describe the app, including engaging, useful, colourful.

When asked what they liked most about the app, many comments highlighted the straightforward layout and how easy it was to use. Young people also liked having the ability to tailor the options available through the quiz, so they could see activities that were more relevant to them personally. They believed the app had potential and was a great way of letting people know what was going on in their area—it unified everything in one place, so it was more helpful than trying to search online.

A wordcloud of the things young people liked most about the app, including things like the clear layout

By contrast, when we asked what they liked least about the app, the most common factor was the inability to book onto a service through the app.

Young people didn’t like the fact that they had to go through one process to find an opportunity and then go through a whole different application process on an external website. This booking feature would be more complicated to add, but it’s something to think about as we scale the app.

A wordcloud of the things young people liked least

What new features would they like to see?

For this exercise, we asked the young people to imagine they had £100 to spend on new features for the app. The more money they assigned to each feature, the more important they thought the feature was.

Unsurprisingly, given the previous discussion, the ability to book a space at an activity or service was rated the highest, with 20% of young people’s votes. They also wanted to be able to filter or search for activities by other categories, such as cost or date and time. At the moment, you can only filter by age, location and the format of the activity (online, over the phone, etc.).

Being able to chat to other young people was valued more than being able to chat to a service provider. They wanted to be able to get a feel for the social aspect of the activities. However, this prompted a discussion about what safeguarding measures would need to be put in place if we implemented this feature.

A chart showing the things to work on next, including creating a booking process within the app.

What did they think of our logo?

During the meeting, we showed the young people our new My Best Life logo. Their first impressions were largely positive, as they thought it was “simple but impactful”. They also liked the gender neutral figures and found the logo “welcoming”. When we asked what words the logo made them think of, responses included “youth” and “community”.

However, we did have some feedback that the logo might resemble the sleek, professional look of other new companies a bit too much—it perhaps needed to be more friendly and fun, in order to be more eye-catching to young people.

Even so, when we asked the young people if they would use the logo for the app, five people said “Yes”, four said “Maybe”, and no-one said an outright “No”, which is promising!

First impressions of the logo
The words young people associated with the logo

Do you have any thoughts about these topic areas? And what has been your experience of testing a product with young people? Let us know!