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YIF: Dashboard

on 11 May 2021

Our interactive dashboard providing an overview of the shared evaluation of the Youth Investment Fund.

YIF8 cover photo

YIF8: Simulating the economic benefits of youth work

on 11 May 2021

In our eighth Learning and Insight paper, we report on our model for simulating the economic benefits of open access youth provision.

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YIF7: Findings from a shared evaluation of open access youth provision

on 11 May 2021

Our seventh Learning and Insight paper shares the findings of our shared evaluation of the Youth Investment Fund.

YIF paper 6 cover

Youth Investment Fund learning and insight paper six

on 29 January 2021

In our sixth Learning and Insight paper we reflect on what we have learnt from the experience of the YIF learning and evaluation project, with a view to informing future open access youth provision learning and evaluation initiatives.

Yif paper five cover

YIF5: Findings from the YIF case study process evaluation

on 30 November 2020

This qualitative strand of the YIF learning project explores how open access youth provision works, why youth organisations take the approaches they do; how provision is experienced by young people; the effect and relevance of contextual factors; and how this all relates to positive change.

Youth Investment Fund Paper 4 front cover

YIF4: Emerging findings from the Youth Investment Fund Learning Project

on 28 September 2020

Early findings about the quality and impact of open access youth provision, with insights into the development of feasible and meaningful evaluation approaches for this field.

yif paper three cover

Youth Investment Fund learning and insight paper three

on 6 August 2020

This paper describes the YIF shared outcomes measurement framework that has been developed for the YIF-funded organisations, and set out the rationale behind the outcomes framework design.

Youth Investment Fund paper 2 report cover

YIF2: Background to the YIF economic simulation model

on 19 June 2019

This is the second in a series of Learning and Insight papers published as part of the learning project for the Youth Investment Fund (YIF). This review aims to help inform the development of an economic simulation model for the YIF.

Youth Investment Fund paper 1 front cover

Youth Investment Fund learning and insight paper one

on 30 April 2019

This paper describes the shared evaluation framework that has been developed across the 90 YIF-funded organisations. It is aimed at anyone working within, supporting or providing funding and resources for informal and non-formal learning provision for young people in the UK.