Youth Investment Fund learning and insight paper one

A shared evaluation framework for open access youth provision.

This is the first in a series of Learning and Insight papers published as part of the learning project for the Youth Investment Fund (YIF).

It is aimed at anyone working within, supporting or providing funding and resources for informal and non-formal learning provision for young people in the UK. The Youth Investment Fund only covers England, but we believe that the learning is relevant across the UK.

In this paper we:

  1. Describe the shared evaluation framework that has been developed across the 90 YIF-funded organisations. This framework provides the structure for the largest shared evaluation of open access youth provision in the UK to date;
  2. Set out the rationale for developing the shared framework.

We hope that these papers will be useful for a broad range of youth organisations (including those that are not part of the YIF cohort), as well as funders, policymakers and evaluators working with and for young people.  Our intention for each of these papers is to draw out reflective learning and share actionable insights.

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