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Evidence and shared impact measurement

Shared measurement is about learning together. It starts with asking: How can I compare the impact of our work with other charities who do similar things? How can I compare the impact of funding compared with other funders? And what’s the best way for charities to build an evidence base together?

We think charities and funders have a lot to learn from one another about what works, and that for many, there is a lack of robust evidence to underpin their work. We also know evaluation is hard and that the resources and capacity just aren’t there.

Shared measurement offers charities and funders who share similar goals an exciting opportunity  to collect and/or share similar types of data to build a better understanding about what works and  how charities in a particular sector are creating social change.

With Covid-19 forcing charities to work together, now is a good time to consider what we can learn from each other and what impact we have collectively.

There are different ways charities and funders can do shared measurement. Read our guidance on shared measurement and find out more about the collaborative projects we’ve worked on. If you want to find our more or you’re unsure where to start, we’d love to hear from you.

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