How do I find good charities to fund, and how do I connect with them?  Where can I direct my funding so I can achieve the most impact? Where can I meet and learn from other philanthropists and funders? How should I be working with the organisations I want to support? We know that a lot of funders grapple with these questions – they want to be great funders and achieve big impact with their giving, but face some challenges along the way.

As a funder or philanthropist, the way you design your charitable giving matters. It helps to understand your cause inside-out, find the right charities to achieve your mission, build productive relationships with your grantees, structure your grants to achieve better results, and set constructive impact reporting requirements. We can help you to think about all of these things, and act as your critical friend along the way.

Our guidance on power dynamics, theory of change, cause related networks and what makes a good charity provide a broad overview of what makes funding effective. To take things further, consider funding place-based projects and taking a systems change approach.

We run regular training sessions on theory of change and impact measurement, which are equally useful for funders and grantees. For bespoke support, our consultants are on hand to run workshops and help you develop an effective framework for your giving.

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