Data has revolutionised the way charities and funders can measure, understand and prove the impact of their work.

We build an interactive data dashboard to help charities and funders identify areas at greater risk of coronavirus, and assess the extent of charitable provision in those areas.

We help organisations collect data, analyse it and report on reach, outcome and impact. We advise on survey design so that data is rigorous and useful. Meanwhile, our Data Labs initiative links charities with existing government data sets to measure impact against a virtual control group.

We think many in the sector aren’t making the most of the data available, or even of the data they are already collecting. But how much data is too much? Are requests for beneficiary data from funders justifiable? We’re developing a Personal Data Charter on how charities and funders can make meaningful yet ethical use of data, from collection to processing and presentation.

Legitimate privacy concerns shouldn’t blind us to the wealth of opportunities for charities and funders to use data for social good. Data has the true power to turn beneficiaries from mere recipients of change into effective agents of change, as long as the opportunity is given.

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Data Labs - Our Data Labs project aims to open up government administrative data to the social sector. NPC

NPC's Data Labs

Our Data Labs programme aims to unlock government data so that charities and social enterprises can understand their long-term impact in areas like reducing reoffending and improving education outcomes. Find out more about Data Labs.


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