Tackling the homelessness crisis: Why and how you should fund systemically

In the last decade, homelessness is a problem which has grown massively in the United Kingdom. It is attracting more attention as it becomes more visible on our streets, but is a complex issue that goes far beyond rough sleeping. Here we set homelessness in its correct context, as a problem caused by the systems in society today, and provide ideas to help funders and philanthropists tackle its root causes.

Charities, social enterprises and government are all working to meet the challenge of homelessness in the UK today. Their work is vital to meet the very real and growing need we face. But where does this need come from? And how can it be reduced?

This resource has been designed for philanthropists and funders who are considering funding work on homelessness but do not know where to start. It:

  • Uses the latest data to illustrate the scale of the problem and particularly draw attention to the huge numbers of ‘hidden homeless’ people in temporary accommodation.
  • Analyses the reasons why people become and remain homeless, with a particular focus on how systems keep people in poverty, out of housing and can make it difficult for them to access help.
  • Offers funding ideas at a range of scales and geared towards these systemic problems.

The homelessness problem is complex, but funders and philanthropists should not be dissuaded from tackling it. With this resource the issues are explained clearly, their relationships with each other mapped out, and real practical interventions are suggested which can help.



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