Rachel Tait

Rachel is a programme manager and senior consultant, supporting NPC’s research, programmes and consulting work with charities and funders. She is the Programme Manager for Inspiring Impact (recently merged with the Impact Management Programme), working with 5 partners across the UK. Inspiring Impact provides free online resources, peer learning networks, and grant funding, so that charities, funders and social enterprises across the UK can plan, understand, and improve their impact.

She is also a senior consultant on projects with charity and funder clients and is particularly interested in what helps or hinders organisations in implementing change. She recently worked on research exploring how philanthropy can be most effective in tackling homelessness and is now researching what works in engaging children and young people in arts and culture.

Before joining NPC, Rachel spent four years at the youth social action charity Student Hubs. She led their team of programme managers overseeing the planning, delivery and evaluation of their volunteering, skilled placements and incubation work in seven different cities.

Rachel is also an alumni of the Worthwhile Graduate Scheme which matches graduates with year-long placements in small, innovative charities and social enterprises.

Why I work at NPC

Having worked in small charities, I’m excited to be part of an organisation that champions the important and innovative work of charities and funders around the UK. It’s rewarding to offer practical, tailored and motivational support so that charities and funders can achieve their outcomes.

A snapshot of my work at NPC


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