Penny Nkrumah

Penny works in NPC’s Innovation and Development Team as Innovation and Product Manager. As a data, evaluation and impact expert, Penny has over 6 years of experience in the social sector supporting charities. She has supported charities to embrace new ways of working with the introduction of digital tools, the adoption of research as a mechanism to embed evidence in impact and through encouraging them to challenge themselves by asking difficult questions. She has also used her learning to facilitate workshops on theories of change and presented at the 2022 UK Evaluation Society Conference on how organisations might use disruption as an opportunity to rethink.

Penny is particularly interested in identifying patterns and getting to the heart of longstanding societal issues to find long term solutions.

Why I work for NPC

I have always valued the work NPC does as they sit on the periphery of supporting the social sector and leading change within it. It is great to be a part of an organisation that doesn’t just talk about creating change but acts on it too.

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