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The world changes and the social sector must change with it. As this new cost of living crisis engulfs an already battered social sector, we’re drawing upon everything we’re seeing in the sector and what we’re learning from the charities, funders and impact investors we work with to advise on how needs are changing, and the new complexities facing the charities who seek to meet them.

Innovation and collaboration which would have taken years is now happening at lightning pace. We don’t have to go back to the way we did things before. How radical we are will be determined by our appetite for bold change.

At the same time, charities are grappling with the daunting challenge of climate change. Rising to these challenges demands charities to think hard about how they work, what they stand for, and how they intend to change things.

We’re taking these questions head on.

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We’re continually developing our expertise, and we’re sharing our learning as we go.

We’re bringing our own distinctive NPC approaches to the big challenges facing society:

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NPC really impressed me with how quickly you were able to provide information, thinking and support in response to coronavirus. Your role in convening people and providing information was a real anchor at a time of uncertainty.

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