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Charities could be playing a much bigger role using their knowledge and expertise to partner on key government policies. At the same time, charities and funders are impacted by the policies of central and local governmentWe work with policy makers and sector leaders to advocate for the right policies and regulation to enable charities to do their best work for the people who need them.

Our goals


Levelling Up and social inequalities 

We are making the case for the government’s flagship Levelling Up agenda to focus more on social infrastructure and harness the power of charities, funders and philanthropists already serving their communities. 

We’ve gained support for our ideas from the House of Lords Public Services Committee, APPGs and think tanks.

Catch up on our online events, What does the UK Shared Prosperity Fund mean for charities? and The cost of living crisis: can charities be the only safety net?

Society and the planet

Both climate change and the action we must take to confront it will have social consequences. We believe that social and environmental philanthropists, charities, and pressure groups must raise their voices together with communities to ensure the transition to our post-carbon economy benefits all groups across society.  

We’re helping charities and funders step up their role in the transition to net zero, work together across social and environmental areas, and measure their impact. 

Through our Everyone’s Environment programme we are working with over 30 social and environmental charities to support and empower people from the UK’s diverse social groups to be part of decision on, and better respond to, the joint climate and nature crises.

Charity regulation, data and impact 

Charity regulation should have a strong focus on impact and empowering charities to do their best work for the people who need them. 

We’re making the case for more rigorous impact reporting and more openness with data, building on our successful advocacy to government to establish the Justice Data Lab. 

Rebuilding after the pandemic 

We think charities should be playing a much bigger role in our post-pandemic recovery. The desire to build back better is a chance to rethink the relationship between charities and government.  

We contributed to Danny Kruger’s recommendations to the Prime Minister on how the social sector can support the recovery and the levelling up agenda. A lot of our ideas feature, and our State of the Sector research is directly cited.  

Through our research and analysis we’re building new relationships with officials in government which we are using to make the arguments for a healthier relationship between government and charities. 

Get involved

If you’d like to contribute to our research, work together on a partnership project, or support our work, then contact Leah Davis, our head of policy and external affairs, at 

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