Systems change is a way of trying to get a handle on this complexity to bring about positive social impact. NPC

Systems change

How do we get to the heart of an issue? What is the root cause of homelessness, crime, health inequality, and youth poverty? To achieve real change it’s not enough to focus solely on the issue at hand. We need to look at the whole system.

Systems change is about how our society is structured. By understanding the complexity of the environment you are working in, and the systems you are part of, you stand a much greater chance of securing lasting change.

Thinking Big is our guide to using theory of change for systems change, with five ways to succeed and five pitfalls to avoid. We also run regular training sessions to help you put this guidance into practice.

Coronavirus has shown us just how integral systems change is, and why we need to bring it out of the clouds and into the mainstream. If you’re keen to support research into how systems change can meet other social challenges we’d love to hear from you.

Systems mapping and analysis

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