Funding a good start: Philanthropy and the early years sector in the UK

on 20 November 2018

Funders can help reduce inequalities in life outcomes by supporting charities intervening in this early period of a child’s life. Here we outline the various ways in which philanthropists could make an impact in this area.


Measuring the multiplicity of impact

on 16 November 2018

NPC Senior Consultant Anoushka Kenley considers what economic analysis has to offer those thing about how to measure impact.


How to understand and use social sector data

on 24 October 2018

Don't know where to start collecting, analysing and using data? NPC can help.


Let’s talk mission through mergers: A discussion for trustees

on 9 October 2018

This briefing paper outlines the advice and recommendations from the panel at NPC’s Clothworkers’ seminar on how mergers can help charities achieve more impact for their beneficiaries.


The Code of Good Governance: How to put it into practice

on 24 July 2018

This briefing paper outlines the advice and recommendations from the panel at NPC’s Clothworkers’ seminar on how charity trustees can put the Charity Governance Code into practice.


Developing your digital roadmap

on 11 April 2018

Developing your digital roadmap is aimed at charities that are working out how to get started on their own digital change process, and the people who need to be bought into that change—senior managers, Chief Execs and trustees.


Knowledge and Learning for social organisations aiming to grow or ‘scale-up’

on 18 January 2018

'Knowledge and Learning' can help social projects who want to grow or scale up. In this guide we suggest that there are three broad areas or questions that 'Knowledge and Learning' could cover for projects that are growing, and we cover each of these in-turn. The overall aim is to maximise the quality, effectiveness and impact of projects.


Assessing the impact practices of impact investments

on 15 January 2018

A light-touch and practical framework for comparing an organisation’s approach to impact against best practice.


Choosing an electronic case management system for your organisation

on 12 January 2018

Choosing the correct electronic data system or CRM for your organisation can be tricky. There are many things you need consider to ensure it will be suitable for your organisation. This paper is a guide for charities and other social sector organisations who are taking the steps to implement a new database.


How to create an Impact Data Lab

on 29 November 2017

This paper presents the core factors that have enabled us to advocate for Data Labs—a model that unlocks government data to help organisations understand their impact on social issues.

James Noble headshot

Five types of data for assessing your work: An explainer

on 29 September 2017

NPC has worked with many charities and social enterprises over the years to help them work out what data they need to understand and improve their work. It can be a confusing question, and sometimes even the word 'data' puts people off. Here our head of impact management James Noble introduces the different kinds of information organisations can collect.

Photo of Charlotte Lamb

How can you tell if your campaign is shifting the dial?

on 21 April 2017

Now we have another general election around the corner, many charities will be gearing up to get their causes up the policy agenda. But in such a complex and ever-changing environment—where attitudes and the policy agenda are affected by a million different factors—how can campaigners know if their efforts are having an impact?