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Theory of change: Kooth for adults

How adults use the Kooth ‘positive virtual ecosystem’

Kooth is an online counselling and well-being service. Kooth has been serving children and young people (CYP) since 2004 and has since grown to be one of the largest digital providers of CYP mental health support in the country. The platform offers a combination of direct and self-directed therapeutic support, appropriate for a wide range of needs. In 2018, Kooth launched a version of its platform for over 18s.

In 2019, a comprehensive theory of change for Kooth’s CYP platform was published. The report defined Kooth as a ‘positive virtual ecosystem,’ through which users take ownership of their journey towards wellness. Users are able to access support in a variety of ways, moving in and out of four distinct ‘pathways’ of usage. Kooth recognised that their platform for adults also needed a theory of change, to aid understanding of the main similarities and differences between the two services, and to allow their services to better cater to the user-populations that they serve.

This report shares details of the theory of change for Kooth’s adult platform, developed collaboratively by NPC and Kooth Plc. This theory of change provides a robust underlying theoretical framework for the adults platform, just like the theory of change for the CYP service does. The theory of change provides the foundation for an evaluation of a user’s journey through Kooth’s adult services. The report also shares further details of the platform for adults, how this theory of change was developed and how it intends to work.

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