Claire Burley

Claire is a Strategy Associate for NPC’s Understanding Change Team.

Claire is an insight, impact and strategy specialist skilled in supporting charities and the public sector to manage and maximise their impact using research and data to drive decision making. She has a special interest in health, social care and young people.

Claire supports organisations to develop and manage strategies for impact. This includes understanding unmet need within the wider environment, identifying intended impact, exploring how best to use resources, and acting as a learning partner to facilitate design and use of evaluation and monitoring. She has a particular interest in supporting understanding of contribution to societal impact within a wider system context.

Claire is skilled in leading strategic insight, research and evaluation projects, developing theories of change and impact frameworks, and facilitation of structured thinking processes to support application of evidence and learning to strategic decision making.

Claire has over 23 years’ experience supporting the charity and public sector to make evidence based, impact focussed strategic decisions, including with London Borough of Newham, Macmillan Cancer Support and St John Ambulance.

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Why I work with NPC

NPC shares my passion for supporting and enabling organisations to develop the culture, capability, tools and mechanisms to work in an impact focussed way, using evidence based decision making to maximise their impact.