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Helping philanthropists & charities through the cost of living crisis

The cost of living crisis is as big a crisis as covid, possibly bigger. More people will need the help charities provide, yet charities will find it harder to support them as inflation increases their own costs and erodes the value of reserves and pre-pledged donations.

We need the kind of mobilisation among funders that we saw at the start of the pandemic, yet right now we’re not seeing this. Now is not the time to watch and wait. Destitute people can’t wait. So for philanthropists, it’s time to get on and give.

Confronting the cost of living crisis: How funders can mobilise

We hope this guide helps you to understand the pressures facing people in poverty in Britain, and how to fund effectively to help charities adapt.

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How MPs can work with charities during the cost of living crisis

This guide offers four recommendations for MPs to help charities best support people in your constituencies. Local and national charities working in your constituency can be a vital partner, providing frontline insights, up-to-date data and intelligence, and a reliable place to refer people who need urgent help.

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How to talk to funders about the cost of living crisis

We should all be regularly talking to our existing funders and donors. People who already support your work are the ones most likely to carry on supporting you, so keeping them well informed and feeling valued is crucial. This blog provides advice on what to discuss with funders and donors during the cost-of-living crisis.

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Listen to NPC discuss the cost of living crisis

How the cost of living is impacting the people charities serve

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