Kavya Sangam

Kavya works within NPC’s Research and Consulting team as a Researcher. She recently finished her Masters in Economics and Strategy for Business at Imperial College Business School, continuing 7 years of economics studies across 4 countries. 

Kavya’s passion for sustainability and social impact has been a driving force in her professional journey. She has contributed her expertise in pro bono consulting and growth strategy to benefit SMEs in the social impact space, in both India and the UK. During her time at Goodera, she played a pivotal role in driving cross-border growth and establishing volunteering partnerships in five countries across Europe, Asia, and North America, ultimately impacting beneficiaries in six countries.

Furthermore, recognizing the profound impact of policy on social welfare, Kavya co-authored a policy whitepaper on the blood market in India as part of her Fellowship with the Global Governance Initiative. This esteemed fellowship, awarded by a team of highly-regarded consultants from India’s top management consultancies, equipped her with the essential skills for consulting and policymaking.

Kavya’s commitment to sustainability and social impact also extended towards her active involvement in the UN’s GirlUp initiative. Her professional and extra-curricular foray in social impact earned her an invitation to speak at Aunua Global’s global Youth Education Summit. During this event, she shared six actionable ways to support youth entrepreneurship initiatives.

Kavya’s interests encompass corporate sustainability, impact investing, and writing blogs.

Why I work for NPC?

I admire NPC’s structured, comprehensive approach towards filling the information gaps in the philanthropy space. Given how this speeds up the process of making a positive impact, I enjoy contributing my skills in making strategies that create a difference.