Tom Lyscom

Tom works in NPC’s Understanding Change team as a principal consultant helping charities and organisations learn through Theory of Change processes and help them develop and use evidence effectively to evaluate their progress and benefit they provide.

Tom has over 15 years experience in business consulting, policy and research management across the health, social care, education, employment and skills sectors. Tom’s passion is for using data, research and evaluation to change minds and improve lives, whether that’s using data to improve education decisions on future skills, or applying systems thinking and system dynamics modelling to help the department of health plan the health, care and wellbeing workforce.

Prior to joining NPC, Tom worked as Senior Policy Adviser at The British Academy investigating how to improve education, research and knowledge exchange for the benefit of all UK citizens as well as the economy.

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Why I work for NPC

I find it rewarding and often so much fun to work with a rich variety of organisations and help them recognise, record and champion the important benefits they provide!


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