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Good lives, good health: How the voluntary sector helps to keep people well

Stark and widespread health inequalities in the UK represent a striking social injustice. The impact that social factors have on our health mean that even charities that are not explicitly pursuing a health-focused mission are helping to keep people well. Leading expert on the social determinants of health Sir Michael Marmot introduces new research from NPC on the important role the voluntary sector plays in helping us live longer, healthier, lives.

GDPR: It’s not just about fundraising

G.D.P.R. Four letters that have sent a collective shiver down the spine of the charity sector lately. Much of the discussion has been gloomy, and much of it has focused on the impact on charity fundraising. Tracey Gyateng explains why this shouldn’t be the case, and gives her top tips for charities working to get on top of it all.

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