Weeknotes: research into young people’s needs

What did I get up to? What have I learnt?

This week I’ve been coordinating the location of  our design sprints. We are looking for organisations to host us – we are looking for organisations that work with young people and organisations working in tech to get us out of the office and great our creativity flowing! If you can help, find out more here, or email kathryn.dingle@thinknpc.org

What have I been reading?

This week the Health Foundation reached out about about their Young people’s future health inquiry. This research mirrors the findings of My Best Life across the UK. This is fantastic news for us!

The Health Foundation’s research looked at the different influences on young people’s (aged 12-24) health across the UK. They identified three key areas of importance to young people:

  • good-quality work
  • housing
  • relationships

(Super similar to the young people we worked with, who felt it was most important to have a home, build a career and live their life.)

Alongside this, it was found that the extent to which young people had been able to secure good-quality work, housing and relationships was shaped by whether or not they had four specific ‘assets’

  • Appropriate skills and qualifications – the skills and knowledge for the young person’s desired career.
  • Personal connections – the confidence and connections to navigate within a adult world
  • Financial and practical support – having the support to achieve what they want in life
  • Emotional support – Having individuals to talk openly and honestly with.

This mirrors the footholds we identified as: having the tools/resources, knowledge, network and state of mind.

What is next on my to do list?

Next week I will have focusing on creating a detailed plan for our first design sprint. You can find our initial design sprint ideas here.

What are you up to?

As always, I would love to hear what you are up to. Let me know about your projects and anything you are grappling with at the moment.