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Justice data lab FAQs

Justice Data Lab: FAQ update

on 29 March 2019

This document responds to some of the common criticisms or concerns about the Justice Data Lab.

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DCMS appoints NPC to lead evaluation and learning for Building Connections Fund

on 2 January 2019

We're pleased to announce we'll be leading a consortium of evaluation and learning providers for the Building Connections Fund—an £11.5m investment to tackle loneliness, funded by the UK Government, the Big Lottery Fund and the Co-op Foundation.


What impact data should trustees be using in decision making?

on 23 November 2018

Data can be confusing for trustees. Here Nicola Pritchard, NPC Consultant, shares insights from sector leaders who spoke at a recent NPC seminar on the subject.

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How to understand and use social sector data

on 24 October 2018

Don't know where to start collecting, analysing and using data? NPC can help.

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Eat your data, it’s good for you!

By Suzanne Jacob OBE
on 4 October 2018

Ahead of 2018's NPC Ignite, conference speaker and CEO of SafeLives, Suzanne Jacob OBE, sets out the changing challenges they have faced and lessons they have learnt trying to use tech for good.

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Baillie Aaron

Whose data is it anyway?

By Baillie Aaron
on 19 September 2018

Spark Inside deliver coaching in prisons to encourage rehabilitation, reduce violence and lower reoffending. Their CEO, Baillie Aaron, will be speaking at NPC Ignites and here sets out the challenges of evaluating programmes with incarcerated people and how they used co-design to overcome them.

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Five years of justice data labs

By and James Noble
on 30 May 2018

James Noble, our Impact Management Lead, wishes the Justice Data Lab a happy fifth birthday and sets out some of the amazing impact it has achieved in that time.

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Should you trust a charity with your data?

By and Tris Lumley
on 11 April 2018

Following recent revelations about the uses and abuses of social media data by businesses, how are charities doing things differently and should they be doing 'data' better?

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How can we up-skill charities to gain insights from data?

By Louise Corti & Neil Serougi
on 2 March 2018

There's a clear appetite from charities to be better able to get insights from their data. So what can be done to build capacity and capability?

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Collaborating for greater impact: An integrated data ecosystem

on 13 February 2018

A joint project between NPC, Mowat NFP, and Imagine Canada, this paper defines the data ecosystem, summarises the charitable data policy context, and highlights key challenges and emerging trends. It provides actionable recommendations to build a more enabling environment for data collection, analysis and sharing.

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Innovative or invasive? Charities, data and digital campaigning

on 4 December 2017

It is increasingly possible to use data from people's online activity to learn about and target them. These techniques do seem to work, but they come with some big ethical questions. So should charities be using them to build support for social causes? Andrew Weston explores the issues.


Long read: Reflections of an accidental data campaigner

on 29 November 2017

How a shy data geek broke out from behind the computer screen to advocate for better use of government data to help social causes. With four years leading our Data Lab project under her belt, Tracey Gyateng charts the highs, lows and lessons from her time campaigning for better use of data.