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Data can help charities, funders and policymakers better understand needs

on 9 February 2022 , 4 minute read

The Local needs databank pulls together over 50 indicators of need for all 382 local authorities and government districts in the UK. By sharing intelligence and collectively making sense of the inequalities we face, we will gradually reduce them.

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Local needs databank

on 9 February 2022

The tool that helps you better understand needs and charity work across the UK.

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A big year for social impact and for NPC

By and Dan Corry
on 6 January 2022

For us at NPC, 2022 is our 20th year of existence. 20 years working with, and as part of, this terrific charity and philanthropy sector to help it maximise its social impact. Already this year we are excited by lots of things we have upcoming.

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Rethink, Rebuild

on 16 September 2021

The covid-19 pandemic brought about a host of changes in the experience and practises of charities and funders in the UK. We set up Rethink Rebuild to find out what those changes are, which changes helped make charities more impactful, and how they could be continued.

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From shared data to shared intelligence

on 16 September 2021

Shared intelligence allows charities, funders and service providers of all kinds to access more and better quality data, strengthen evidence-led grant-making and service provision, and improve collective reflection and analysis.


An update on ‘Data Labs’

on 17 August 2021 , 3 minute read

Our 'Data Labs' project aims to open up government administrative data to the charity sector. Data Labs allow organisations to answer the all-important question: did we make a difference?


How to measure the health of the charity sector

By and Tom Collinge
on 22 July 2021 , 4 minute read

With the recent relaxation of Covid-19 regulations in England, can we find a metric that helps us better understand the health of our sector as we enter a world without coronavirus restrictions?

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Driving data-led decision-making with the Local Needs Databank

By Amelia Smith
on 28 January 2021 , 5 minute read

Our Local Needs Databank helps charities and funders understand existing needs and support provisions across the UK. This blog sets out how our data dashboards can help you better target your work and how your charity can help our databank grow.

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Listen: Digital transformation

on 15 December 2020

Rosario Piazza talks digital transformation for the How We Innovate Podcast.

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The influence of Covid-19 on people applying for benefits

on 24 November 2020

This paper shows the impact of the coronavirus crisis on people seeking benefits and people on low incomes. The data comes from surveys of users of the Turn2us Benefits Calculator and a survey of 900 frontline practitioners from Buttle UK.

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Using data to examine local issues: Not too proud to say I’m wrong

By Richard Collins
on 8 September 2020 , 3 minute read

Sortified wanted a firmer evidence base to examine local issues, so they commissioned NPC to develop a data set which examined needs at a hyper local level. The data showed how we must challenge perceptions and assumptions, so that we are not targeting support in the wrong places.


Charity care homes

By and Tom Collinge
on 4 September 2020 , 3 minute read

What do we know about the charitable care sector and how it compares to other providers?