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Evidence and data collection for education start-ups

on 14 December 2016

This guide is for people setting up new projects in the education sector. It offers step-by-step advice on what evidence and data to collect, and how to collect it. It is based on NPC’s experience of supporting around 40 organisations through the Young Foundation’s Young Academy education incubator programme.

Well-being measure
Philanthropy expert Tris Lumley

Learning lessons from NPC’s Well-being Measure

on 4 November 2016

Our Well-being Measure will soon move into a new phase. Tris Lumley reflects on lessons that can be learned from our experience designing, building and running this tech service.

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Igniting bold action in the charity sector

on 14 October 2016

This week, leaders from the charity sector and beyond gathered for our 6th annual conference NPC Ignites. Patrick Murray talks through some of the day's insights.

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Learning from other sectors for better impact measurement

on 26 September 2016

In any sector maximising efficiency and improving quality is crucial. Many organisations are striving to get better at producing, managing, and understanding data, and it’s thanks to this hard work that we are seeing innovations in impact measurement that are worth learning from...

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Shubh Sharma

Integrating gender into your evaluation

By Shubh Sharma
on 22 July 2016

Gender inequality impacts all aspects of work and life, so it is increasingly being viewed as a cross cutting issue in charitable and development work. Shubh Sharma of India-based foundation Dasra talks through how they apply a gender lens to their programme evaluation.

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Information provision for people with Multiple Sclerosis

on 15 July 2016

This report presents a theory of change and outcomes measurement framework approach for the provision of information to people with MS. It could be used by any organisation in the MS sector to help assess the effectiveness of its information provision activities and how it can improve them.

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Six reasons to sign up to #NPCIgnites

on 10 June 2016

There are many good reasons to join us for our annual October conference, NPC Ignites. Here are just six of them.

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Balancing act: A guide to proportionate evaluation

on 20 May 2016

What constitutes a proportionate and meaningful way to evaluate a programme? It’s a difficult but crucial question. This paper will help you think through the options and make a decision that reflects your organisation’s needs, available resources and the operating context.

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Choosing the right evidence level for your impact evaluation

on 28 April 2016

It's always encouraging when charities are ambitious about collecting evidence of their impact. But, Anne Kazimirski argues, some caution is necessary; charities must ensure they're thinking through what level of evidence is relevant to their particular organisation.

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Shared measurement: Greater than the sum of its parts

on 11 February 2016

Exploring how shared measurement approaches are shaping services and improving impact, featuring Age UK Wakefield District, ASCOT, Citizens Advice, Home-Start UK, PCOC, SafeLives Insights and Outcomes Stars.

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Keeping it in proportion: Impact measurement for small charities

on 21 January 2016

NPC’s briefing paper following our event for small charities about how they can measure their impact.