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Outward Bound Trust

Educational charity The Outward Bound Trust uses NPC’s Well-being Measure to monitor the impact of its programmes on the young people it works with.


The Outward Bound Trust is an educational charity that uses outdoor experiences and challenges to develop young people’s self-esteem, motivation and aspiration. The charity wanted to demonstrate the impact of its work on young people: in the charity’s words, ‘We wanted to show to our funders and supporters that we make a difference.’


The Outward Bound Trust used NPC’s Well-being Measure as part of its standard monitoring processes before and after its outdoor residential courses in the Lakes District and Scottish Highlands.


In 2010-11, based on a sample of 620 young people, The Outward Bound Trust saw significant improvements in self-esteem, resilience and life satisfaction. These changes provide reliable evidence for its impact—giving confidence to its funders and allowing it to evidence its claims to improve young people’s lives. The evidence gathered was presented in its 2011 Impact Report, available on its website.

Emma Ferris of the Outward Bound Trust said ‘I think [NPC’s Well-being Measure] helps you stand out from the crowd… and capture the essence of what do you in a strong, credible way’.

You can hear more about the charity’s experience by watching our short video here.

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