Evidence and outcomes resources: Unemployment

We have sourced some helpful links for organisations working with people who are unemployed / at risk of becoming unemployed. You may find these useful in planning and carrying out your outcomes data collection, or in understanding the evidence base for your model. The advice includes:

  • Existing research and evidence in your sector to help you establish what evidence already exists. This will help you understand the extent to which you need to collect outcomes data yourself, or how rigorous your methodology needs to be.
  • Existing outcomes frameworks and data collection tools developed by academics or leading charities in the field. The benefit of using an existing framework or measure is that you don’t have to spend time and money developing your own, and you can be more confident in the quality. The downside is that it is not tailored to your organisation, so some outcomes or data collection tools may not be suitable for your context or the people you work with.

Please note that these resources were not identified through an exhaustive review.

Research and evidence



The Youth Employment Evidence and Gap Map A visual representation of the quantity and quality of evidence for different interventions related to youth employment. It provides an easy way to search for and find relevant studies from across the world (Youth Futures Foundation).


Youth Futures Foundation research A range of research reports relating to youth employment (Youth Futures Foundation).


Ready for work Report outlining six capabilities young people need to be ready for work. Includes a list of 37 interventions proven to lead to work readiness (Impetus, 2014).


What works in youth employment partnerships A guide to improved practice in youth employment partnerships and a collection of case studies (Institute of Employment Studies, 2021).


Frameworks and data collection tools



Outcomes Star for work and learning Tool for adults who are out of work or returning to the workplace, covering seven outcome areas linked to employability and employment (Triangle Consulting Social Enterprise, 2017). Requires a license.


Journey to EmploymenT (JET) framework Framework for young people’s employability. Includes seven groups of factors that contribute to successful job outcomes for young people and presents indicators and tools covering each of the factors (NPC, 2013).


Journey to EmploymenT (JET) framework in Northern Ireland Adapted version of the JET Framework designed to help organisations working with young people in Northern Ireland measure their impact on the journey to employment (NPC, 2015).


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