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How can philanthropy support children in care?

Children in care and care leavers are some of the most vulnerable young people in society, with their outcomes still incredibly bleak in comparison to their peers. In recent research we outlined the type of work funders can support in order to help improve looked-after childrens’ life chances. Here Rosanna Thomasoo gives an overview of what we found.

Using SIBs to solve problems we already know how to fix

The House of Lord’s Select Committee on Charities’ Stronger charities for a stronger society report recently proclaimed: ‘the government’s focus on [Social Impact Bonds] has been disproportionate to their potential impact.’ Here Steve Goldberg explains why he disagrees.

Charities taking charge arrow image

Charities: take charge

Today NPC publishes new research from our state of the sector programme involving around 400 charity leaders. Here, NPC’s head of Policy and External Affairs Patrick Murray gives a brief overview of what we found.

Making sense of systems change: 3 things I’ve learned

Systems change can be infuriatingly abstract and riddled with jargon. But getting to grips with it provides realism about what creates and sustains social problems. And it helps us challenge our own role within systems: are we solving or perpetuating problems? So argues Rob Abercrombie, who here shares what he’s discovered about systems change that have helped him get to grips with approach.

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