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The NHS faces tough times. Here’s how charities can help.

In this co-authored piece, NPC’s CEO Dan Corry and Partnership Director of the Richmond Group of Charities Dr Charlotte Augst reflect on the current challenges faced by the NHS, and the role of charities in supporting the health of the British public.

Charities must stay out of politics? No way.

The claims from the British Red Cross that the NHS is facing an ‘humanitarian crisis’ have sparked a new row about charities and ‘political’ campaigning. With experience in the political world, Patrick Murray understands where these concerns come from. But, he argues, the things that frustrate those in politics about charities are exactly the reason they’re needed.

Britain’s prisons and the role of charities

Following a number of prison riots and wider concerns about the state of Britain’s prisons, criminal justice has rarely been out of the news of late. At NPC we’re researching the role of the charities in reducing reoffending and improving outcomes for those in the criminal justice system. Grace Wyld, who is involved in this research, reflects on the findings so far.

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