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Coronavirus response toolkit for charities

Resources to help charities navigate their response to the coronavirus crisis

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic is vast. As this crisis continues, charities need to be resourceful, responsive, collaborative and innovative in order to keep serving those who need them.

Charities need to respond and adapt to immense changes in our environment and in need. There will also be further challenges tied to the fallout of this crisis—which are likely to be the greatest many of us have ever seen. Charities need to be prepared to face the immediate crisis and they need to be primed to tackle what comes next.

For years, NPC has been developing tools and guidance for charities—on topics including data and learning, strategy, user involvement, and governance. This toolkit pulls together all the resources we think will be useful in a charity’s response to the coronavirus crisis and puts them in one place. We hope it will help you think through what your charity needs to do, and when you need to do it.

How to use this toolkit

The toolkit is divided into resources that will help charities now, and resources you will want to use when you have more time to approach less immediate concerns. Many charities will have different needs and they will face different challenges at different times. Right now, many charities will have little time to focus on resources that aren’t relevant to their immediate crisis response. However, we hope that this toolkit provides useful guidance when the right time to consider longer-term challenges arrives.

actions for now and when there is more time

For each topic, our toolkit presents:

  1. Questions charity staff and trustees should ask themselves
  2. Useful resources to read on each topic
  3. Tools or frameworks to use

This toolkit is not a comprehensive list of resources, rather it highlights some key, relevant resources on each of the topics.

You can read the full toolkit by using the reader below or by pressing the download button above.


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