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Local needs databank

We have built a regularly updating and interactive databank, to help charities and funders better understand needs in communities around the UK. This is our Local needs databank.

We’ve created this resource because there are large amounts of readily available data which can tell us a lot about the health of places across the country, but this data is spread across numerous sources and it can be difficult to compare.

Below the Local needs databank, you will find an updated version of the Explore and compare dashboard, which you can use to produce your own tailored, interactive data reports on the places and needs that matter most to you and your work. Learn more about the places where you work and compare them to areas facing similar levels of need.

Take part in our survey and tell us your thoughts on this resource. Your feedback will help us to keep improving this tool.

If the Local Needs Databank isn’t loading, please try refreshing the page.

This work is supported by the Health Foundation.

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