Young people hanging out

Co-design needs to give back to all involved

By Kathryn Dingle 5 June 2020 2 minute read

The My Best Life project is working with young people, to create digital solutions for young people. Throughout the project young people have been at the centre of work and involved in key decisions.

Young people have taken part in the focus groups, throughout the design sprints and in user testing sessions with our prototypes. The ideas, challenge and support from the young people have given us ideas that we would never have had otherwise.

But we wanted to make sure we give back to the young people for their time. We have covered their time and expenses throughout the project. This is essential, but we want to go further than this.

We are now exploring further ways to give back. We are exploring further ways to give back. This includes creating blurbs paragraphs for CV’s, job applications and interview scenarios. This is based on feedback from young people, in which being able to namedrop other experience when trying to access an opportunity can really help them. We are also checking interest for a career video call about our career paths and tips.

If anyone has further ideas for giving back, please do share your ideas in the comments below!