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Evaluating user involvement (part 2)

Today I am thinking about evaluating the project again. Our thinking has moved on from my last post, to think about how we evaluate the whole project.

Yesterday, we met with Matt Kepple from Makerble (a consultancy focused on improving your impact through technology), to find out more about their products and if/how My Best Life and Makerble could work together.

Their platforms have the functionality to have shared dashboards across a partnership, with the ability to live update your progress towards your goals and share your learning for each of the goals as you go. We are excited about the possibility of using Makerble with young people as part of the digital solution we create (depending on the digital solution the young people create) and also as a tool for the My Best Life team, to evaluate our progress against key outcomes. It could be a exciting way of working in the open with our evaluation, as this is something we want to do.

We are currently looking into this in more details to see if it is a good fit for our project and something we are able to budget for, but I am interested to hear:

How are you / have you evaluated collective digital projects?