Ice cubes

Ice breakers to bring your sprint team together

When starting the My Best Life sprints, the collaboration has grown. We now have representatives from five fantastic organisations: Founders and Coders, Leap Confronting Conflict, The Mix, UK Youth, and NPC.

When starting the project, we were a group of strangers, who only know each other via email. The desired outcome of the project is to create digital solutions to support young people (and potentially practitioners) when accessing support and to create a lasting collaboration of organisations working in with young people. Getting to know each other, having fun and sharing ideas will be crucial to the success of both aims.

That’s where our pre-sprint session and icebreakers come in. Last week we gathered to connect, learn more about the process of sprints, and establish how we want to work together. After a quick round of introductions, I wanted to get everyone up, being silly and getting to know each other, so I set everyone a challenge.

Challenge: To create a paper aeroplane that will fly the furthest distance

Sounds easy right, but there is a twist…. You must create the aeroplane using your non-dominant hand ONLY.


  1. Get into pairs and each place your dominant hand (the hand you write with) behind your back.
  2. Take a piece of A4  scrap paper.
  3. In pairs, you have 2 minutes to create a paper aeroplane together, only using your non-dominant hands.
    Hands away
  4. Step up to the start line & each throw your masterpiece (with your non-dominant hand again!)
  5. The plane that goes the furthest wins!

It was great fun and got everyone chatting. I hope others will find it useful too.

Other ice breakers: If you want some more inspiration, can find a few ideas for ice breaker here.

What do ice breakers do you use?