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Our product promise

By Kathryn Dingle 17 December 2021 3 minute read

Over the last few months of connecting with amazing people, building and testing products and experimenting, I have pulled together a list of NPC’s guiding product principles (so far).

These are our guiding principles and the things we are working hard to get right, but we can’t do that alone, and will continue to share ideas and learning as we go. Do join the conversation!

NPC's product promise

1. Find problems worth solving

We focus our work on products that are worth solving because they are relevant to our audience, the problems are solvable and will add value to people’s lives. We will find problems by speaking to people and working in collaboration throughout.

2. Ask why before what

Our first idea is usually a bad idea – much like a first draft of a document – so we focus on user research and discovery before discussing solutions.

3.Work towards a vision over short term aims

We aren’t afraid to work on big projects and goals. We want to push the sector forward, rather than focus on quick wins.

4. Positive outcomes over features or internal priorities

We love building things, but we care about the impact of our work over making things that look good. We will prioritise development based on user need above all else.

5. Focus on inclusivity

We will focus on making our products accessible for all people and organisations to use. (We are in the process of redoing this website to make that a reality!)

6. Work together and reduce duplication

We will produce and test tools with users themselves. The tools and process seek to build on existing work and processes and reduce duplication for the sector.

7. If we fail, we fail loudly

This one came from a conversation with Toby at Triangle Technology. Toby articulated my thinking. If we fail, we want to fail loudly. We want to push the sector forward 3 years by showing what not to do.

8. Move at the speed of trust

We will look to start where organisations are currently and move with them.

9. Ecosystem over ownership

We want the right people to own the products, to integrate with it or add to it, rather than making our own thing.

10. Equity and an all boats rise approach

Focusing on creating an all boats rise approach that ensures equity for all.

11. It is not just a product

We think about the whole user journey and ecosystem with which the product exists. We know technology is only a small part of a user’s life. We will continue to ensure our products add value to the user processes.

12. Launch to learn, not perfection

Perfection is the killer of creativity. We will launch to learn about the impact, rather than trying to ‘perfect’ the product.