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Speak to us about signposting

Young people want is a connection to a place, to people and to their passions. We are failing to give young people the information they need to make these connections. We live in a world where it is easier for young people to find a good takeaway, than to find help when they need it.

Many organisations exist to support people in need, however there is a lack of coordination about how information about these services is collated, maintained, and shared in an open format. We are working to make that change happen. With real communities, with data folk and with charities. Testing models, group structures and technology to ensure young people have access to the tools they need to seize opportunities as they arise and withstand bumps in the road.

You can help us!

We want to make it easier for young people to find help. We are looking to speak to youth #charities about signposting for 1-hour paid (£50) interviews.

Purpose for the interviews

We keen to explore how you:

  • collect and store information about the services you offer
  • share this information with other organisations and with young people directly
  • get information about other charities services and if/where you share this information

The interview will be feeding into our work to explore how we might better improve local service information, so that young people are better able to find what they need that meets their goals and interests.

We will using your insights to explore the role models for improving the availability and accuracy of this information in an open and freely accessible format for all organisations.

All eligible interviewees will be given a £50 donation to their organisation or another charitable organisation of their choice after the interview.

Criteria for interviews

Criteria for we want to speak to signposters:

  • People who work or volunteer for
  • community-led / micro / small / medium charities (income less than £500k)
  • that work directly with young people (aged 16 – 24)

Sign up now!

If you are interested, please email kathryn.dingle@thinknpc.org and share your organisation name and role. I will then share times and dates with all those who are eligible.