A screenshot of the my best life app showing a selection of services

Usability testing – onboarding for our app

By Kathryn Dingle 22 January 2021 4 minute read

In November 2020 we ran a series of usability tests with young people. We wanted to explore two different routes to onboarding of our app. We were interested in testing which of two different options young people preferred to get to know young people’s needs.

Our aims:

  • To understand how we can help young people find the support and opportunities that they need.
  • To understand how we can present these to young people.

The prototypes we have tested:

  • Quiz style: an interactive quiz that gets to know young people’s needs and interests (like Pinterest or Headspace). The questions include ‘what’s on your mind?’ with a bunch of options such as ‘my money,’ ‘school and college,’ and ‘keeping safe.’ Image below.

A screenshot of categories within our app.

  • Filtering: similar to exosting social media. An option to complete simple filtering (Like Justeat). The image below shows the different filtering options, including location, age, category and activity format.

the differentImage of the different filtering options including location, age, category and activity format.


Our findings:

Below is a slide deck of the key findings from our research:

  • The quiz made young people feel that the app was interested in them.
  • Some were disappointed by the lack of results. If you asked for questions to personalise, you should ensure the results are as accurate as possible.
  • Questions at the start of the app can feel invasive and too personal to share before seeing the purpose of sharing it and the value that the app can bring them by exploring the app.