Weeknotes w/c 22 November 2021

What we did

  • We’ll be holding a storyboarding meeting where we’ll discuss how to share our learning from My Best Life. We’ll be asking ourselves questions such as, “Which audiences are we targeting?” and, “What format will we use to reach them?”
  • We’ve asked members of our Charity Steering Group to fill in a survey telling us what they liked and didn’t like about being involved in My Best Life.

What we’re thinking about

The insights from our last Young Person Steering Group have given us much to think about. We heard suggestions for new features to add to the app and improvements we could make to the look and feel of the app.

Last week, we had a discussion with Big Blue Door, which is doing something similar to My Best Life based in Southwark but is a bit further behind us. We are both keen to stay in touch and share our learning with each other as we go. We also had a conversation with Mental Health Innovations (MHIUK) to see if they have also experienced the challenges, we have faced around people being able to signpost effectively. Shout isn’t primarily a signposting service, but they too felt the difficulty of knowing what else was out there and the resource needed to maintain such records.


We want to know the best way to share our learning. Our key audiences are youth practitioners who work with young people aged 15-18, the young people who were involved in the process, other charity practitioners who work directly with people of all ages, funders and commissioners and other app providers/directories. We are currently exploring what their motivations are, what they already know and where they get information from.

Wins from this week

We have started the process for sharing our learning. We are really excited to get our learning out there and make sure it is used by as many as we can. Watch this space!