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Where is the government's £750m package for charities being spent? logo

Where is the government’s £750m package for charities?

on 17 June 2020

In April, the government announced a £750m support package for charities. This report breaks down where that money is being spent and which funds are still open to applications at the time of writing.

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How does the government view charities’ role in recovery?

By and Tom Collinge
on 19 May 2020 , 6 minute read

At our State of the Sector launch, Baroness Diana Barran, the Minister for Civil Society, introduced the government’s plan to work with charities as the country emerges from Covid-19. Our Policy Manager Tom Collinge unpacks the big talking points.

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State of the Sector 2020

on 18 May 2020

Our research captures our sector in the final few months of calm before the storm, offering insight into its strengths, weaknesses, challenges and risks, so that philanthropists, funders and policy makers can best support charities to help those who rely on them now more than ever.

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The charity sector in a post-coronavirus world

By Rob Abercrombie
on 5 May 2020 , 4 minute read

The charity sector is good in a crisis but we now need to start thinking about how we want the future to look. Where are the opportunities for change?

The future of charity by charity expert Dan Corry

The future of charity

By and Dan Corry
on 29 April 2020 , 7 minute read

The future will be determined by our appetite for real change and progress. Will we be cautious and shelter in our respective safe spaces? Or will we be bold, and take risks?

Interactive databank on charities and Covid-19

Covid-19 data for charities and funders

on 24 April 2020

The current crisis poses many challenges to charities and funders. One of the most difficult challenges is determining which people and places need extra support. Data can show the places that are currently suffering the most from Covid-19, and those that have underlying risk factors.

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The lockdown exit strategy is crucial

By and Dan Corry
on 20 April 2020 , 3 minute read

Getting out of the lockdown is a really complex task for policymakers. But it matters to all the rest of us too—those trying to run businesses or charities, or to local council leaders trying to rebuild their communities. Because we are all trying to guess what the government will do.


A joint letter to philanthropists

By and Dan Corry
on 30 March 2020

Sign our joint letter to philanthropists, originally printed in the Financial Times.

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State of the Sector 2020: The condition of charities before the COVID-19 crisis

on 24 March 2020

Early findings from State of the Sector 2020 providing a picture of the challenges charities were facing just before the Covid-19 crisis.

NPCs response to the consultation on the charity governance code thumbnail

The consultation on the Charity Governance Code

on 18 March 2020

NPC response to the consultation on the Charity Governance Code

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Why government and philanthropists must come together for charities now

By and Dan Corry
on 18 March 2020 , 4 minute read

The country is in a very deep crisis. We are working with philanthropists and partners on how they can more effectively fund charities now. And we want to hear more ideas about what can be done.

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The Budget 2020: Is it the ‘end of austerity’ for the social sector?

By and Dan Corry
on 9 March 2020 , 3 minute read

In September 2019, then Chancellor Sajid Javid declared he was ‘turning the page on austerity.’ Will the Budget 2020 give optimism to charities and spell the ‘end of austerity’ for the social sector? Here's three areas to look out for