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Impact measurement for trustees

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Did we make a difference? If so, how did we achieve it? And what can we do to maximise our impact? These are some of the tricky questions charities want answers to. It’s hard to collect reliable data about things that have changed. And even if you can, how do you know it was down to you? Would change have happened anyway?

Measuring means using data and evidence, both quantitative and qualitative, to gain useful insights about your charity’s work. It’s about understanding whether your project or service made a difference in people’s lives.

So what should trustees be doing to make sure they understand—and then improve—a charity’s impact?

NPC hosted a free online event—run in partnership with The Clothworkers’ Company— to explore the questions trustees should be asking to form insights that will enhance decision-making. 

On the day, we were joined by speakers, Amina Ali, NPC’s Principal: Funder Evaluation and Learning, who has over a decade of experience supporting organisations, and as guest-speaker, we welcomed  Prof Jim Clifford OBE, CEO and Founder of Sonnet Impact. Jim has over 40 years experience working in the sector including as a trustee of The Children’s Society, Go-Forward Youth, The Bates Wells Foundation, and The Bach Choir.

This event aimed to help you:

  • Explore a trustees role in understanding impact
  • Discuss the kinds of data trustees should be paying attention to
  • Consider how trustees should prioritise what their charities should measure

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