We are all facing tough times ahead; locally, nationally, and globally. Charities will be needed more than ever to help people get through. But with household budgets squeezed, fundraising events cancelled, and public sector contracts in jeopardy, philanthropists have a vital job to do. Charities must be able to keep serving people through this crisis. And when it’s all over, we will still need charities around to help the people who need them.

Right now, philanthropists need to be:

  • Proactive in your giving, all the usual fundraising channels are severely limited so don’t wait to be asked.
  • Imaginative, look beyond the headlines and identify newly vulnerable groups, work with communities to coordinate with other philanthropists.
  • Considering which charities we can’t afford to lose, ask yourself which charities do brilliant work but you never got around to supporting, take the lead in keeping them going.
  • Encouraging transparency, be flexible with grantees, but don’t suspend reporting. Instead work with them to identify new challenges.
  • Timely, bring forward any planned giving. Charities need it now.

At NPC we’ll be publishing guidance for philanthropists on how different sectors will be affected, and working collaboratively with partners on mid- to longer-term strategies charities and funders must adopt. We’ll also be thinking about what the post-covid will look like, what will the new landscape be in which charities will be operating?

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Coronavirus response toolkit for charities

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic is vast. Charities will need to be resourceful, responsive, collaborative and innovative. This toolkit pulls together all the resources we think will be useful in a charity’s response to Covid-19 right now, and over the coming months.

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Analysis: How does the government view charities’ role in recovery?

At our State of the Sector launch, the Minister for Civil Society introduced the government’s plan to work with charities as the country emerges from Covid-19. Our Policy Manager Tom Collinge unpacks the big talking points.

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State of the Sector 2020

Our research captures our sector in the final few months of calm before the storm, offering insight into its strengths, weaknesses, challenges and risks, so that philanthropists, funders and policy makers can best support charities to help those who rely on them now more than ever.

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How to adapt your strategy approach for times of change

Covid-19 means charities must develop adaptive strategies, but how can we do this well?

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How to involve users despite social distancing

The needs of people we support and the context in which all of us are living are changing by the day. As we reshape the way we work, involving users in what this change looks like is non-negotiable. Liz Gadd presents three practical ways to involve users amidst social distancing.

How to involve users despite social distancing

Update: Interactive Covid-19 data for charities and funders

Updated and interactive data on the coronavirus crisis for charities and funders. We have built an interactive dashboard which shows the places that are currently suffering the most, and those that have underlying factors—such as age, health, ethnicity—which may put them at risk.

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The charity sector in a post-coronavirus world

The charity sector has been excellent in this crisis, but we now need to start thinking about how we want the future to look. Here are the opportunities for change in the sector.

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Case study: How philanthropists can support treatment and recovery charities

For anyone seeking help escaping drugs or alcohol, charities are a lifeline. But coronavirus has turned this network of support upside down. In this case study, Oliver Standing from Collective Voice talks to funders about what philanthropists can do to help.

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A shift in strategy: How can charities recover and build a better post-covid world?

The phrase ‘response, recovery and resilience’ is being used to describe the different stages of the charity sector’s reaction to coronavirus. Here’s how charities can adapt their strategies as we enter the ‘recovery’ and ‘resilience’ stages.

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The future of charity

Three scenarios for the social sector after covid-19. The future will be determined by our appetite for real change and progress. Will we be cautious and shelter in our respective safe spaces? Or will we be bold, and take risks?

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Covid-19 data for charities and funders

The current crisis poses many challenges to charities and funders. One of the most difficult challenges is determining which people and places need extra support. Data can show the places that are currently suffering the most from Covid-19, and those that have underlying risk factors.

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Case study: How philanthropists can work together

London Funders, the membership body for funders of London’s civil society, were among the first to openly display funder best practice in their response. We spoke to Geraldine Tovey to learn more about how they’re helping charities to adapt.

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Case study: How philanthropists can respond to the urgent needs of people seeking asylum

People seeking asylum live outside the mainstream safety net. In this case study, Stephen Hale from Refugee Action explains the dramatic change in the needs and risks faced by refugees, their response, and how philanthropists can help.

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Covid-19 means systems thinking is no longer optional

The hard reality of system interdependence is being brought directly into our homes and news feeds. What lessons will we learn? What changes will it bring? Seth Reynolds shares how to bring systems change out of the clouds and into the mainstream.

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Case study: How philanthropists can help maternity services adapt

In this case study, our Systems Change Principal, Seth Reynolds, interviews (virtually) Vicky Fobel, Public Affairs and Campaigns Manager at NCT, to learn how they’re adapting and what philanthropists can do to help parenting charities.

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What should charity trustees be thinking about?

Looking ahead to the medium term, Charlotte Lamb explores what trustees should do to help their charities adjust to a new reality.

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How can funders help local charities through the COVID-19 outbreak?

Writing for Alliance Magazine, Nicola Pritchard explores how place-based approaches can coordinate local action and support forgotten issues.

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A joint letter to philanthropists

Add your name to our joint letter, originally printed in the Financial Times.

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How ‘Response Funds’ in the U.S. are confronting Covid-19

“From where I sit the philanthropic response has been positive so far, but this is a stoppage like no other.” NPC’s man in the U.S. comments on the situation there.

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State of the Sector 2020: The condition of charities before the COVID-19 crisis

We hope this findings will give a picture of the challenges charities were facing just before the crisis, so these factors can be included in the targeting of funding and support from philanthropists and government, as well as the planning of any response, to maximise its effectiveness for the country, and for the sector.

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Consequences, crises and opportunities: How philanthropy can respond

Our guidance on how specific areas will be affected by coronavirus, and what philanthropists can do.

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Indigo Trust pledge £2.5million in immediate response to coronavirus

We’re advising philanthropists to react quickly in their immediate response by giving now in a way which is fast and coordinated, but that they also look to the medium term by keeping charities they value going, and prepare for the bigger shifts this crisis will create in the long term.

Among the first to model this approach is the Indigo Trust, who have pledged £2.5million to help alleviate immediate need at both a local and national level.

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Why government and philanthropists must come together for charities now

Our CEO, Dan Corry, outlines the urgent actions government and philanthropists must do to keep the sector going through this unfolding crisis.

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How should philanthropists respond to the coronavirus?

Writing for Alliance Magazine, Clare Wilkins, our Principal for Effective Philanthropy, puts forward five practical ideas for philanthropists to keep charities serving the people who most need them.

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How can the charity sector adapt to coronavirus?

If the unofficial motto of the charity sector is ‘we do what needs to be done’—then right now with coronavirus we face an unprecedented challenge of working out what does need to be done. Our Director of Consulting, Angela Kail, shares how charities should adapt to the new reality we find ourselves in.

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