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Helping philanthropists and charities through coronavirus

Now is a defining moment for charities. The decisions we make now will shape our sector for years to come.

How philanthropists act now will determine how charities are able to tackle this crisis in the short term, their institutional survival in the medium term, and the resilience of our sector to keep serving people in the long term.

Right now, charities still need emergency support. But coronavirus has revealed much about charities and philanthropy, how we work, who we work with, and where we focus, so we need to start thinking about how we rethink and rebuild our sector. However bad the storm, we must not lose sight of where we are heading.


Advice for philanthropists and charities

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NEW - How philanthropists should respond to coronavirus

The unique threats charities are facing, and how philanthropy can help.

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a person who is homeless

NEW - Shifting your funding practices

What shifts in practice we have seen, what shifts we think are valuable, and what else funders could be doing.

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NEW - Our charity toolkit

A framework for what to think about and act on as the crises progresses.

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Rethink, Rebuild

How do we build back better?

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Research and data

Working with government

We’re helping philanthropists to understand where government support is going, so they can direct their own giving to where it is most needed.


Government spending

How much government funding has the charity sector really received?

Where is the government's £750m package for charities being spent? logo

How was the £750m spent?

We breakdown where the money is going

Big Ben

How does the government view charities' role in recovery?

Unpacking the big talking points from the Minister for Civil Society's speech at our State of the Sector launch.

big ben

Has the government 'bailed out' the charity sector?

How does the government view its relationship with charities?

packing bags of food

How charities can build a better Britain

How government can encourage a more impactful charity sector to help people through the covid-19 crisis and bolster the levelling up agenda.


In conversation with Danny Kruger MP and Charlotte Pickles

How can charities rise up the policy agenda? And how does current thinking in conservatism square with the culture in the sector?


In conversation with Rachael Maskell MP, Cllr Paulette Hamilton and David Walker

What does Labour think of charities?


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