We are all facing tough times ahead; locally, nationally, and globally. Charities will be needed more than ever to help people get through. But with household budgets squeezed, fundraising events cancelled, and public sector contracts in jeopardy, philanthropists have a vital job to do. Charities must be able to keep serving people through this crisis. And when it’s all over, we will still need charities around to help the people who need them.

Right now, philanthropists need to be:

  • Proactive in your giving, all the usual fundraising channels are severely limited so don’t wait to be asked.
  • Imaginative, look beyond the headlines and identify newly vulnerable groups, work with communities to coordinate with other philanthropists.
  • Considering which charities we can’t afford to lose, ask yourself which charities do brilliant work but you never got around to supporting, take the lead in keeping them going.
  • Encouraging transparency, be flexible with grantees, but don’t suspend reporting. Instead work with them to identify new challenges.
  • Timely, bring forward any planned giving. Charities need it now.

At NPC we’ll be publishing guidance for philanthropists on how different sectors will be affected, and working collaboratively with partners on mid- to longer-term strategies charities and funders must adopt. We’ll also be thinking about what the post-covid will look like, what will the new landscape be in which charities will be operating?

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Latest updates

State of the Sector 2020: The condition of charities before the COVID-19 crisis

We hope this findings will give a picture of the challenges charities were facing just before the crisis, so these factors can be included in the targeting of funding and support from philanthropists and government, as well as the planning of any response, to maximise its effectiveness for the country, and for the sector.

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Consequences, crises and opportunities: How philanthropy can respond

Our guidance on how specific areas will be affected by coronavirus, and what philanthropists can do.

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A joint letter to philanthropists

Add your name to our joint letter, originally printed in the Financial Times.

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How ‘Response Funds’ in the U.S. are confronting Covid-19

“From where I sit the philanthropic response has been positive so far, but this is a stoppage like no other.” NPC’s man in the U.S. comments on the situation there.

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Indigo Trust pledge £2.5million in immediate response to coronavirus

We’re advising philanthropists to react quickly in their immediate response by giving now in a way which is fast and coordinated, but that they also look to the medium term by keeping charities they value going, and prepare for the bigger shifts this crisis will create in the long term.

Among the first to model this approach is the Indigo Trust, who have pledged £2.5million to help alleviate immediate need at both a local and national level.

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Why government and philanthropists must come together for charities now

Our CEO, Dan Corry, outlines the urgent actions government and philanthropists must do to keep the sector going through this unfolding crisis.

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How should philanthropists respond to the coronavirus?

Writing for Alliance Magazine, Clare Wilkins, our Principal for Effective Philanthropy, puts forward five practical ideas for philanthropists to keep charities serving the people who most need them.

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How can the charity sector adapt to coronavirus?

If the unofficial motto of the charity sector is ‘we do what needs to be done’—then right now with coronavirus we face an unprecedented challenge of working out what does need to be done. Our Director of Consulting, Angela Kail, shares how charities should adapt to the new reality we find ourselves in.

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Coming soon

We’re opening up our work as part of a collaborative effort to help philanthropists understand the big impact the coronavirus crisis will have on different parts of the social sector, and how best to target their money and manage their relationships with grantees to keep charities serving.

Coming soon

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