We have built a regularly updating and interactive databank, to help charities and funders see the places most affected by Covid-19, and those that have underlying factors—such as age, health, ethnicity, economic indicators, and multiple deprivation—which may put them at risk. Use this databank to find out more about needs and services in your region, and better target your work.

Alongside statistics on Covid-19 and local demographics, our dashboards share data from the charities Buttle UK, Turn2us and British Gas Energy Trust, allowing us to better understand what charities are experiencing on the ground. This data shows applications for grants from Buttle UK for children and young people in crisis, recent use of the Turn2us benefit calculator, and awarded British Gas Energy Trust grants for people struggling with energy debts. You can find our in depth analysis of the Buttle UK data here and the Turn2us data here.

We’ve created this resource because there are large amounts of data available from official sources which tell us about the health and economic vulnerability of certain places and communities, but this data is spread across numerous sources and it can be hard to compare with other data.

Different data within our databank will have different importance to different organisations. Users can choose what matters most to them, or what they are best equipped to engage with. This is not intended to be a comprehensive data set. Nor is it intended to provide an index of the most affected or most vulnerable people and places in the UK.

Thank you to Buttle UK, Turn2us and British Gas Energy Trust for sharing their data with us. NPC’s interactive Covid-19 data for charities and funders is supported by the Health Foundation, an independent charity committed to bringing about better health and health care for people in the UK.

Further info and how to get involved

We want to further expand the range of data available to charities and funders. We are looking for more charity demand data, funder data, plus data on mutual aid groups and social enterprises. We can only improve our dashboard with the support of others, so if you see the potential of this work and want to be involved, please get in touch. If you are a funder and you need help to further analyse this data, please contact us to discuss what services we could provide to you, click here.


NPC’s Covid-19 data tracker is one of the best resources I’ve seen globally that aims to track areas of greatest need in our communities due to coronavirus. A clear, aggregated, data-driven view of the people and places that need extra support is particularly needed right now as charities and donors struggle with prioritization of resources and efforts. 

Parastou Youssefi, Senior Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


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