About us


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About NPC

NPC is the think tank and consultancy for the charity sector. Our mission is to help charities, foundations, philanthropists, impact investors, social enterprises, corporates, and the public sector to maximise social impact in the lives of the people they serve.

About NPC Labs

We work to ensure that people, places and the planet thrive because they get what they need from the social sector and beyond.  We want to explore, what are tomorrow’s problems and opportunities for the social sector? How might innovations in technologies, tools and approaches help tackle and embrace them?

NPC Labs is our informal, spontaneous space for sharing our ideas and project developments, so you can be a fly on the wall for our work.

It is a place where we can think aloud, debate new ideas and move from thinking on our own to thinking as part of a wider community. It’s a way for us to share what we’re learning from projects as we go, so others can build on it, learn from our mistakes, give feedback and improve where we are heading. 

What you can expect from NPC Labs

Working in the open does not mean we will be broadcasting everything. Working in the open is not about creating the performance of transparency or endless opinion sharing and adding more noise to an already noisy world. 

Sometimes we will need to think a bit more carefully before we share things, and sometimes we will need to make sure we have acted, or we are ready to listen to the answers that come back. We also make sure we are doing the right thing in continuing to protect the privacy and security of the organisations and people we work with.