Our Work

Think tank

As the independent think tank for the charity sector, we provide thought leadership, pioneer solutions and bring people together. We identify issues that are preventing the sector from achieving its potential, explore ways to overcome them, and work with partners to catalyse change.

Our focus is wherever the big issues are: from commissioning to collaboration, shared measurement to social investment.

Policy Advisory Board

To help us further develop our role as the leading think tank for the charity sector we have recruited an expert Policy Advisory Board.

Influencing policy

We develop policy responses both on issues that affect the charity sector, such as digital, and the issues that the sector works on, such as health.

Innovation and best practice

We are committed to sharing best practice and setting the agenda on the major issues affecting the charity sector through innovative approaches.

Collaboration and convening

We bring together a community of leading thinkers from across sectors to improve understanding and enhance our combined impact.

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