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Collaboration and convening

NPC’s position at the nexus between charities and funders allows us to bring together both sides of the funding equation, improving understanding and enhancing their combined impact. We make connections between organisations working towards the same goal, bringing together the sector to share ideas, exchange knowledge, develop solutions and new approaches, and strengthen partnerships.

Convening discussions on issues that matter for the charity sector

Charities and funders need to work and think together to successfully overcome many of the challenges they face. NPC helps to foster joint working through our varied programme of events, gathering the ideas of all kinds of people from across the sector.

From intimate roundtable discussions, to public seminars, to our flagship national conference, we bring people together to talk about the issues concerning them and explore how they can be overcome. Often these meetings are the starting point for bigger projects: the SIA Association and Inspiring Impact both emerged as the result of events convened by NPC.

Developing shared approaches to impact measurement

Many of the barriers which prevent charities and social enterprises from measuring their impact could be overcome if organisations worked together. At the moment, many are starting from scratch when it comes to measurement, using their own new methodologies, which wastes time and resources and can make it difficult to share and compare methods and results.

NPC’s work on shared measurement brings together groups of charities and funders to develop shared approaches to impact measurement across their area of work. We discuss the potential for shared outcomes frameworks to understand the impact of different types of activities and allow comparison between different organisations . We have already piloted shared measurement frameworks for charities working with NEETs, focusing on youth justice, and helping prisoners keep in touch with their families, and lead the shared measurement strand of Inspiring Impact.

 Establishing a Commission on the Voluntary Sector & Ageing

The charity sector has a crucial role to play in meeting the needs of an ageing population, and helping society adapt to this shift in our demography. But what is this role? And how will an ageing population affect the charitable sector as a whole? Are we thinking strategically and creatively about these questions?

We establishing the Commission on the Voluntary Sector & Ageing to stimulate fresh and innovative thinking on these issues, raise the profile of the question of ageing and the charity sector, and encourage charities, policy makers and others to engage with the debate. Read the final report here.

Connecting social impact analysts across the world

In May 2009, NPC and Bertelsmann Stiftung brought together over 200 charity professionals to talk about social impact analysis. The seeds were sown for a new organisation dedicated to developing professional non-profit analysts.

The Social Impact Analysts Association (SIAA) launched in December 2011 to support and connect all those with a professional interest in social impact analysis. Through driving the foundation of SIAA, and our continuing presence on SIAA’s board, NPC helped to professionalise the practice of social impact analysis, and bring together practitioners from across the globe to share ideas and build networks.

In 2014 SIAA merged with the SROI Network and is now part of Social Value International.

An association would improve and help the sector. That means better standards, better frameworks, better decisions and judgements about the performance of nonprofits and their results.

Martin Brookes, former Chief executive of NPC
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