Making mergers work: the role for charity trustees

NPC’s briefing paper for trustees following our seminar exploring the process of charity mergers.

In the current climate, mergers are a subject that is on many people’s minds in the charity sector.

In the right circumstances, the business case for merger can be strong—increased public profile, strengthened fundraising capabilities and concentrated, efficient service provision.

However, many still see the process as unattractive given its risk and complexity.

On 21 October 2013, NPC and the Clothworkers’ Company held a seminar for trustees to explore the process of charity mergers.

The event was for those embarking on a merger themselves, considering doing so, or simply curious about a complex and increasingly important topic.

This report highlights the main themes discussed during the seminar, which looked at the technical elements of the merger process, the lessons learned from the personal experiences of panellists and the potential benefits of mergers done well.