Measuring your campaigning impact: An introduction

Measuring the impact of a charity’s campaigning work may seem unthinkable to some; yet with the right tools and knowledge it is possible, and can be a rewarding and worthwhile pursuit.

In September 2015, we hosted an event offering guidance on how charities can begin measuring the impact of their campaigns. This short briefing summarises advice from the speakers on the day, and draws on the experience of those in attendance. The main themes discussed were:

  • what we mean by campaigning;
  • how and why charities should measure the impact of their campaigns; and
  • top tips and tools for getting started.

This event took place as part of NPC’s seminar series designed to give charities an introduction to various aspects of impact measurement. For more from this series, keep an eye on our twitter page @NPCthinks and the event hashtag #impactseminar, or see the events section of our website.

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